The Fort Lee BDA is a proud member of the arts community and is always striving to find new and exciting ways to bring the arts to Fort Lee!


Present day Fort Lee has maintained its reputation as a mecca for the arts. When you stroll downtown Fort Lee, you will notice beautiful streetscapes spanning Main Street, Palisades Avenue, and Lemoine Avenue.  In the summer of 2022, the Fort Lee Business District Alliance completed the first phase of its mural project, creating a unique experience for those visiting and living in Fort Lee.  The mural artists, some of whom have worked worldwide, drew inspiration from childhood memories, animals, the environment and nostalgia into their creations. The murals help bring creativity and cultural awareness to the area and enhance Fort Lee’s brand promise of providing a vibrant, cosmopolitan community. Plans are underway this year to continue the mural program.

Barrymore Film Center

One of the most monumental contributions to Fort Lee’s Art Scene is the recent opening of the historic Barrymore Film Center. The museum and 267-seat repertory film theater pays tribute to Fort Lee as a pioneering birthplace of the movie industry. Where does the theater get its name? The Barrymore family is considered America’s most prominent theatrical family.