The Business District Alliance of Fort Lee announced the addition of five new restaurants in Fort Lee’s Town Center. These new restaurants offer vibrant and diverse menu options that reflect Fort Lee’s multicultural neighborhoods. The five restaurants: Oiso BBQ Pit, Fresh Bites Dosirak, Moge Tee Fort Lee, Xun Yu Si Kao/Grill Fish, and Jipbob Mrs Baek, are the newest editions to Fort Lee’s booming Town Center. 


Fresh Bites Dosirak

Address: 168 Main Street, Fort Lee

Fresh Bites Dosirak features authentic Korean & Japanese Take Out. This restaurant believes in sourcing and serving the freshest, highest-quality ingredients. Fresh Bites Dosirak offers traditional and contemporary Korean & Japanese foods including salads, fresh-made kimbap, sushi, soups, noodles, vegetarian dishes, and Korean lunch boxes.


Oiso BBQ Pit

Address: 124 Main Street, Fort Lee

Oiso BBQ Pit is the reinvention of the former restaurant occupying this space, JD’s Steak Pit. The renovated location will be opening in a few weeks and visitors are already excited to taste their savory new menu.


Moge Tee Fort Lee

Address: 2029 Lemoine Avenue, Suite 102, Fort Lee

Moge Tee is an international chain of bubble tea shops that are opening their newest location in Fort Lee. Moge Tee uses natural and fresh ingredients to deliver rich and flavorful drinks. Moge Tee has over 300 locations worldwide in China, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia to Australia, and is now expanding its reach to the United States.


Xun Yu Si Kao / Grill Fish

Address: 1638 Schlosser Street, Fort Lee

Xun Yu Si Kao is an international Chain Restaurant that started in ChongQing, China. Xun Yu Si Kao specializes in Szechuan Food and offers the freshest seafood. Their signature dishes are “Grilled Fish” and “Grill Fish Hot Pot”.


Jipbob Mrs. Baek

Address: 1550 Lemoine Avenue, Fort Lee

Jipbob Mrs Baek, an authentic Korean restaurant located on Lemoine Avenue, is set to have their grand opening on Thursday, January 23rd. 


“We are excited to see these new businesses open their doors to the residents and visitors of Fort Lee. They represent a great diversity in their offerings and are a welcome addition to our thriving Town Center” said BDA Executive Director Stuart Z. Koperweis. These restaurants are a fantastic addition to the community and the ever-improving Fort Lee Town Center.