Shop in Fort Lee & Earn Rising Rewards!

Freshening your spring wardrobe or sampling all that the vibrant Fort Lee business community has to offer in Beauty, Entertainment, Fitness/Sports, and Travel has just been made simple with Rising Rewards.

From March 1st through April 15th Fort Lee’s Business District will see a variation of the very popular “Pamper Your Loved One” promotion, featuring the Rising Rewards Bonus program:  Shoppers will receive $20 in Rising Rewards Certificates (limit one per customer) for spending at least $100 or more shopping in the District at specific locations; for a full list of businesses, terms, and conditions, see * below. That’s like getting a 20% discount! Qualified purchases for this Promotion are from over 100 participating merchants.*

The Rising Rewards certificate program encourages local spending while discovering businesses old and new.  So spend at least $100 and get $20 in Rising Rewards. Rising Rewards certificates are similar to non-specific store gift cards, where consumers may redeem their certificates at these locations throughout the District.

Purchases made at locations that fall within 5 different categories in the business district are valid for submission. These 5 categories include, Beauty, Entertainment, Fitness/Sports, Retail, and Travel.

Please see below for a complete list of valid locations:

Business Category Location
5 Salon & Spa Beauty 1643 Schlosser St
Akane Beauty Salon Beauty 2024 Center Ave
Albertos Hair Beauty 200 Main St
Angel’s Foot Spa Beauty 207 Main St
Artistic Beauty Studio Beauty 208 Main St
Beau Esthetic Inc Beauty 1637 Palisade Ave
Beautiful Skin Care Beauty 448 Main St
Bella Salon Beauty 1539 Palisade Ave
Belle Hair Salon Beauty 132 Main St
Big & Skinny Salon Beauty 1630 Lemoine Ave
Cindy Nails Beauty 442 Main St
Damo Beauty 2011 Lemoine Ave
Dana Skin Care Beauty 2024 Center Ave
Diva Lash & Nails Beauty 2024 Center Ave
Edan Spa Beauty 551 Main St
Elle Beauty Shop Beauty 408 Main St
Estee Ann Skin & Nails Beauty 1636 Palisade Ave
Fox Beauty Salon Beauty 209 Main St
Groom Suite Beauty 2006 Bigler St
Gui Gong Ja Barber Shop Beauty 238 Main St
I Love Lash Beauty 1550 Lemoine Ave
Hair 1st Street Beauty 521 Main St
Hair Atelier Beauty 521 Main St
Hair Channel Beauty 448 Main St
Hidy II Hair Studio Beauty 2033 Lemoine Ave
History of Fo (Whoo) Beauty 1550 Lemoine Ave
Iris Makeup & Spa Beauty 1618 Parker Ave
Jolie Toi Salon & Spa Beauty 1580 Lemoine Ave
Juun Hair Beauty 200 Main St
Kim Woo Jin/Serri Beauty Salon Beauty 166 Main St
Lash Bella Beauty 205 Main St
Lu Lu Lashes Beauty 1637 Palisade Ave
Main K Beauty 507 A Main St
Millennium Nails Beauty 1654 Parker Ave
Mirage Salon Beauty 1625 Lemoine Ave
New Four Seasons for Women Beauty 166 Main St
New Star Beauty Salon Beauty 223 Main St
Nu Look Nails Beauty 2000 Bigler St
Olive Cosmetics Beauty 1637 Palisade Ave
Peace & Beauty Nail & Spa Beauty 1619 Palisade Ave
Phases Skin Care Center & Day Spa Beauty 2033 Lemoine Ave
Pure Skin Care Beauty 501 Main St
S & L Foot & Back Rub Beauty 454 Main St
Sally Kim Skin Care/Skin Plaza Beauty 168 Main St
Salon De Chloe Beauty 1627 Parker Ave
Salon Fort Lee Beauty 2039 Lemoine Ave
Salon Oasis Beauty 170 Main St
Salon Sole Beauty 1637 Palisade Ave
Salon Tomo Beauty 1617 Parker Ave
Shanti Foot Spa Beauty 314 Main St
Shanti Foot Spa II Beauty 230 Main St
Shim Young Eun Cosmetics Beauty 1637 Palisades Ave
Soleil Nail Spa Beauty 1605 Lemoine Ave
Soleil II Nail Spa Beauty 1638 Schlosser St
Supercuts Beauty 1605 Lemoine Ave
Taka Hair Salon Beauty 134 Main St
Tina’s Nail Beauty 170 Main St
Tosh Hair Supreme Beauty 1550 Lemoine Ave
Vicky’s Skin Care Beauty 1645 Palisade Ave
Vincent Seoul Barber Beauty 472 Main St
Yoon Salon Beauty 476 Main St
Business Category Location
DMW Dance Studio Entertainment 2029 Lemoine Ave
Fort Lee Baduk, Inc Entertainment 406 Main St
Royal Dance Entertainment 1550 Lemoine Ave
Ticket Town Inc Entertainment 211 Whiteman St
Business Category Location
Activ Balance Center Fitness/Sports 520 Main St
Cyclebar Fitness/Sports 2012 Hudson St
Hosan Tae Kwon Do Fitness/Sports 2011 Lemoine Ave
Team USA Tae-Kwon-Do Fitness Fitness/Sports 1580 Lemoine Ave
Tribeca Pilates Fitness/Sports 2027 Center Ave
VIP Fitness Fitness/Sports 1620 Lemoine Ave
Business Category Location
Boutique Luxe Retail 200 Main St
Cosmos Retail 1642 Schlosser St
Ezer Gift Shop Retail 1626 Palisade Ave
Frames of Mine Retail 100 Main St
Golf Nara Retail 1550 Lemoine Ave
Hanbok Retail 246 Main St
Joy Golf Retail 1550 Lemoine Ave
Kiky Jewelers Retail 221 Main St
Kitchenware Central Retail 1635 Lemoine Ave
Kuun Retail 200 Main St
The Loit Retail 2029 Lemoine Ave
Mine Jewelry Retail 1637 Palisade Ave
Morado Retail 241 Main St
Onyx Jewelers Retail 1626 Palisade Ave
Peonia Flower Heaven Retail 1550 Lemoine Ave
See Saw Retail 2027 Hudson St
Serendipity Retail 245 Main St
So Ho Frames Retail 1580 Lemoine Ave
Tov Boutique Retail 1550 Lemoine Ave
Violet’s Florist Retail 476 Main St
Business Category Location
ABC Travel Travel 2017 Center Ave
E Clarke Travel Travel 200 Main St
Mirae Tour Travel 530 Main St
Shilla Travel Travel 2035 Lemoine Ave
Travel by Travel Planner Travel 442 Main St
VIP Mirae Travel Travel 2024 Center Ave
Walkerhilll Travel Travel 2011 Lemoine Ave

Rising Rewards FAQs

1) What are Fort Lee Rising Rewards?

“Rising Rewards” is a “cash” certificate program specific to the businesses in the Business District Alliance of Fort Lee, NJ.

2) How do I earn Rising Rewards?

The Fort Lee Business District Alliance frequently holds opportunities to earn or win Rising Rewards Certificates. During this promotion (March 1 – April 15), shop at valid businesses in the district and send your receipts to the BDA:

201 Main St., Suite E, Fort Lee, NJ

You will receive the appropriate amount of Rising Rewards in the mail for your purchases, ($20 for $100 spent, limit one per person).

3) How do I spend/redeem the certificates?

You may spend/redeem your Rising Rewards Certificates at locations that participate in the Rising Rewards program throughout the district, just as you would cash or credit card. Each participating business displays a Rising Rewards decal on their storefront. See this page for a complete list of businesses that accept Rising Rewards Certificates.

4) Why can I only redeem Rising Rewards Certificates at some locations?

Not every business in the district has chosen to participate in the program, as it is a voluntary program. If your favorite place is not in the program you can ask them to join. Click here to download the forms to give to businesses if they’d like to join the program; it costs them nothing!

5) Can I redeem certificates for cash?
You can not redeem your certificates for cash or receive cash back or change from a purchase with your certificate. Rising Rewards Certificates are in $10 denominations only.

6) What does the program do for the community?
The Rising Rewards program was created to give visitors a chance to explore and discover the district’s incredible businesses. It is aimed at strengthening the borough’s economy by encouraging local spending; thereby stimulating the business community.

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