Don’t wait! From February 15 – March 31, shop in Fort Lee and enter to win a $100 gift card!

A minimum purchase of $20 is required from participating Fort Lee locations.

Complete both sides of the handout from participating businesses and attach a copy of your receipt showing: business name, purchase amount and date.

Send or drop off your handout and copy of receipt to:

201 Main Street, Suite 2E
Fort Lee, NJ, 07024

or simply scan BOTH SIDES of your handout and receipt and email to:


Must be 18 and over to win. You may enter as many times as you like. Winners will be notified after 4/13/2016 by email.

Business Name Type of Business Number Street
Akane Beauty Salon Beauty 2024 Center Ave.
Albertos hair Beauty 200 Main St.
Amicare Prescription & Surgical Center Medical/Doctor/Dentist 511 Main St.
Angel’s Foot Spa Beauty 207 Main St.
Apartments-Homes New Jersey Crp Professional 136 Main St.
Arabesque, Inc. Home 560 Main St.
Artistic Beauty Studio Beauty 208 Main St.
Aura Thai Kitchen Restuarants/Specialty Food 210 Main St.
Azuma Restuarants/Specialty Food 246 Main St.
Babalu Cuban Café Restuarants/Specialty Food 304 Main St.
Baggios Pizzeria & Restaurant Restuarants/Specialty Food 212 Main St.
BCD Tofu House Restuarants/Specialty Food 1640 Schlosser St.
Beau Esthetic Inc Beauty 1637 Palisade Ave.
Bella Salon Beauty 1539 Palisade Ave.
Belle Hair Salon Beauty 132 Main St.
Binghamton Bagels/Bings Burgers Restuarants/Specialty Food 251 Main St.
Bistro du Saigon Restuarants/Specialty Food 168 Main St.
Boiling Point Restuarants/Specialty Food 124 Main St.
Boom Boom Chicken Restuarants/Specialty Food 240 Main St.
Bridgeview Medical Medical/Doctor/Dentist 454 Main St.
Cafe Bene Restuarants/Specialty Food 1636 Palisade Ave.
Center Pharmacy Medical/Doctor/Dentist 251 Main St.
Classic Cleaners Professional 1605 Lemoine Ave.
Cosmos Retail 1642 Schlosser St.
Dana Skin Care Beauty 2024 Center Ave.
Dezigners Group, LLC Professional 570 Main St.
Dong Bang Grill Restuarants/Specialty Food 1616 Palisade Ave.
Dong Chun Hong Restuarants/Specialty Food 144 Main St.
Dunkin Donuts Restuarants/Specialty Food 2033 Lemoine Ave.
Edan Spa Beauty 551 Main St.
Eggty 8 Café Restuarants/Specialty Food 138 Main St.
Envision Eyecare Medical/Doctor/Dentist 215 Main St.
Estee Ann Skin & Nails Beauty 1636 Palisade Ave.
Europan Bakery Café/Re Gelato Restuarants/Specialty Food 2024 Center Ave.
F. Febbo Custom Tailor Professional 474 Main St.
Fast Print LLC Professional 514 Main St.
Flower Townhouse Retail 200 Main St.
Food For Life Restuarants/Specialty Food 1605 Lemoine Ave.
Fort Lee Cleaners Professional 565 Main St.
Fort Lee Pharmacy Medical/Doctor/Dentist 1562 Lemoine Ave.
Fort Lee Shoe Repair Professional 200 Main St.
Fort Lee Stationery Restuarants/Specialty Food 236 Main St.
Fox Beauty Salon Beauty 209 Main St.
Frames of Mine Professional 100 Main St.
Ft Lee Bakery Restuarants/Specialty Food 482 Main St.
Ft Lee Catering Restuarants/Specialty Food 2024 Center Ave.
Gammee OK Restuarants/Specialty Food 485 Main St.
Garden State News Restuarants/Specialty Food 1620 Lemoine Ave.
Gateaux Bakery & Café Restuarants/Specialty Food 230 Main St.
Geumhong World Restuarants/Specialty Food 547 Main St.
GG Internet Café Computer/Electronics 308 Main St.
Golf Nara Retail 1550 Lemoine Ave.
Groom Suite Beauty 2006 Bigler St.
Groomingdale Professional 205 Main St.
Gui Gong Ja Barber Shop Beauty 238 Main St.
Hair Atelier Beauty 1638 Schlosser St.
Hair Channel Beauty 448 Main St.
Hanbok Retail 246 Main St.
Hidy II Hair Studio Beauty 2033 Lemoine Ave.
History of FO Beauty 1550 Lemoine Ave.
Hub Print & Copy Ctr Professional 2037 Lemoine Ave.
Hudson Wine Market Retail 1638 Schlosser St.
In Napoli Restaurant Restuarants/Specialty Food 116 Main St.
Iris Makeup & Spa Beauty 1618 Parker Ave.
It’s Greek to Me Restuarants/Specialty Food 1611 Palisade Ave.
JD’s Steak Pit Restuarants/Specialty Food 124 Main St.
Jet Cleaners Professional 515 Main St.
Joy Golf Retail 1550 Lemoine Ave.
Joyce Restaurant Restuarants/Specialty Food 555 Main St.
Juun Hair Beauty 200 Main St.
Kiky Jewelers Retail 221 Main St.
Kim Woo Jin/Serri Beauty Salon Beauty 166 Main St.
Kitchenware Central Home 1635 Lemoine Ave.
Lash Bella Beauty 205 Main St.
Lu Lu Lashes Beauty 1637 Palisade Ave.
Main K Beauty 507 A Main St.
Main St Shoe Repair Professional 474 Main St.
Main Street Marketplace Restuarants/Specialty Food 207 Main St.
Master Upholstry Professional 569 Main St.
Mathnasium of Fort Lee Education Services 246 Main St.
Mediterranean Gourmet Restuarants/Specialty Food 490 Main St.
Menya Sandaime Restuarants/Specialty Food 1638 Parker Ave.
Merit Academy/Fastrac Kids Education Services 525 Main St.
Mine Jewelry Retail 1637 Palisade Ave.
Mirage Salon Beauty 1625 Lemoine Ave.
Morado Retail 241 Main St.
Myung Dong Noodle House Restuarants/Specialty Food 2013 Lemoine Ave.
New Four Seasons for Women Beauty 166 Main St.
New Star Beauty Salon Beauty 223 Main St.
Nova Pizza & Pasta Restuarants/Specialty Food 1605 Lemoine Ave.
Oak Tree Nail Beauty 2024 Center Ave.
Original Presto’s Brick Oven Restuarants/Specialty Food 440 Main St.
Palisade Bagels & Deli Restuarants/Specialty Food 1611 Palisade Ave.
Parisienne Bakery Restuarants/Specialty Food 250 Main St.
PC Clinic Computer/Electronics 486 Main St.
Peonia Retail 1550 Lemoine Ave.
Pet Vet Animal Clinic Professional 1580 Lemoine Ave.
Peter Cleaners Professional 1633 Palisade Ave.
Plaza Diner Restaurant Restuarants/Specialty Food 2045 Lemoine Ave.
Prime & Beyond Restuarants/Specialty Food 501 Main St.
Primp & Play Professional 1543 Palisade Ave.
Ramen Setagaya Restuarants/Specialty Food 243 Main St.
Reading Town Education Services 527 Main St.
Salon De Chloe Beauty 1627 Parker Ave.
Salon Oasis Beauty 170 Main St.
Salon Sole Beauty 1637 Palisade Ave.
Serendipity Retail 245 Main St.
Smart Stop Storage Professional 550 Main St.
Soleil II Nail Spa Beauty 1638 Schlosser St.
Spoon Restaurant Restuarants/Specialty Food 515 Main St.
Sweet Tea Restuarants/Specialty Food 242 Main St.
Taka Hair Studio Beauty 134 Main St.
Tea Bar Restuarants/Specialty Food 1636 Palisade Ave.
Tina’s Nail Beauty 170 Main St.
Torosian Bros. Carpet Co. Inc. Home 492 Main St.
Venus Cleaners Professional 1630 Lemoine Ave.
Verizon Retail 230 Main St.
Violet’s Florist Retail 476 Main St.
Vish/Mize Retail 454 Main St.
W Concept Retail 1636 Palisade Ave.
Yamagata Japanese Restaurant Restuarants/Specialty Food 1636 Palisade Ave.