Driving Safety:

  • Make sure headlights are on.
  • Keep an eye out for kids walking in the street.
  • Drive slower and stay alert
  • Exit driveways slowly and eliminate any distractions.

Candy Safety:

  • Check your children’s candy before letting them eat anything.
  • Throw out anything already opened, ripped or damaged.
  • Read all the ingredients on the candy item if your child has an allergy
  • Throw out any apples.

Child Safety:

  • Give your children a specific curfew time.
  • Make sure you know their walking route if you are not accompanying them.
  • Trick or Treat in groups. If another adult is accompanying your child, exchange contact information.

Costume Safety:

  • Choose face paint instead of ​a ​ mask​ as they tend to inhibit sight and sound​.
  • Test face paint on the back of your child’s hand before applying to face to rule out any chance of a reaction. Make sure to remove before bed.
  • Hem your child’s costume if it’s too long, so they can easily walk without tripping and wear comfortable sneakers.
  • All costume accessories should be easy to carry, small and soft.

After Dark:​

  • ​Utilize ​glow sticks and flashlights with new batteries ​to​ help child​ be seen by drivers.
  • Use reflective tape if ​child is wearing a​ darker costume.
  • Have your child wear layers under their costume to keep warm.


While Trick-or-Treating:

  • Let your parents know what route or roads you’ll be walking down.
  • Stick to familiar areas.
  • Use the buddy system and don’t wander off.
  • Older kids without a guardian should carry a form of identification.
  • Never go inside someone’s home.

Traffic Safety:

  • Walk in a well lit area and try to stay on streets with sidewalks.
  • Walk facing traffic, so you can see cars coming.
  • Watch for cars turning or backing up.
  • Do not dart out between parked vehicles.

When ​Crossing the ​Street:

  • Cross at corners using traffic signals.
  • Make sure to thoroughly look left, right and left again before crossing the street.
  • Keep your head up, and make eye contact with the driver to ensure they see you.
  • Always walk on the crosswalk, not on the street.