BDA helps business community get festive with Storefront and Main Street Decoration Programs

FORT LEE, NJ—The Business District Alliance (BDA) of Fort Lee is bringing holiday cheer to the local business community this December, introducing Storefront Display Programs for businesses and continuing to decorate the newly revitalized Main Street.

The BDA personally designed over 45 unique holiday wreaths for their Wreath Program, distributing them to local businesses for display through the holidays. Businesses who agree to the program for the next three holiday seasons may keep them, compliments of the BDA.

The BDA also implemented a Window Display Program, in which randomly selected Fort Lee businesses may opt to have their storefront windows professionally decorated at no cost. This program will be utilized as samples for future programs that will be available in 2016. The chosen stores can keep their window displays at the end of the holiday season.

“On top of getting everyone in the holiday spirit, these programs have been a great ice-breaker for us and the business community,” said Stuart Z. Koperweis, the BDA’s Executive Director. “This is our first holiday season together, and some of the local stores are still learning about us. We’re reaching out to them about decorations, and it sparks their interest. They want to learn more about the BDA and what we’re doing to promote the business community.”

To match the storefront holiday displays, the BDA continues to reinvigorate the recently refurbished Main Street, adorning the downtown shopping corridor and surrounding streets with decorations of their own.

Planters along Main Street that held mums this Fall now hold miniature evergreen trees. The BDA decorated the borough clocks and brand new lamp posts with green holiday garlands, white lights and red bows, making the rejuvenated streetscape gleam in the sun and shine warmly through the night.

“The decorations for this season add a nice holiday touch to the beautiful new streetscape,” commented Romina Starace, President of the BDA. “The decor looks great in the day, and our shoppers will definitely enjoy the lights through the evening.”