Petite French eatery’s refined food, unpretentious service and charming atmosphere make for a meal to remember

A true hidden gem in the heart of Fort Lee, Khloe Bistrot is a petite eatery serving traditional French staples in a style that’s completely their own.

Khloe Bistrot pride themselves on an attention to detail and excellence in service that isn’t just tasted in their food—it’s felt upon entering. The professional kitchen and service staff have meticulously refined their dining experience to the highest standards of quality—from the ingredients used in their food to the service and ambiance in their dining room. Their goal is to please each of their diners’ five main senses—taste, touch, sight, smell and hearing.

Entering guests are greeted by more than a cordial host—diners are immediately welcomed by the sights, sounds and smells of the open kitchen’s culinary creations. A whiff of the floating aromas and a peek into the charismatically mismatched dining room effectively whet appetites and inspire gastronomic imaginations.

The dining room is fit in vintage, hand-selected furniture that is at once stylish, romantic and welcoming. Warmly lit crystal chandeliers hang over antique dining tables. Seating is comprised of a timeless and cozy collection of mismatched benches, leather chairs and cushioned wicker seats. You may even find yourself comfortably sharing a vintage loveseat with a dining companion. A vinyl record player adds to the relaxed ambiance without detracting from conversation. The assorted furnishings, intimate service and down-to-earth atmosphere make a meal at Khloe Bistrot reminiscent of a dinner party at your closest and most fashionable friend’s home.

Khloe Bistrot’s attention to detail and standard of quality are further reflected in their seasonally rotating menu. Khloe Bistrot’s French fare is both simple and elegant, with every offering made from scratch in-house from the most selectively chosen of farm-fresh ingredients. French fries are hand-cut daily, pasta is freshly hand-made and the vanilla-chantilly cream is always whipped from scratch.

No menu detail is too small to be overlooked and compromises are never made. Each ingredient is chosen with the highest standard of quality from the most reputable of speciality purveyors—from the wild-caught seafood down to the cooking wine and spirits. For Khloe Bistrot, quality in ingredients is priority—from the soil all the way to the plate.

Start your meal with the escargot d’artichaut (escargot in artichoke hearts) or the tuna tartare with sweet cointreau noir sauce. For a main, try the house special: fall-off-the-bone slow-roasted Amish chicken in cognac sauce, or the wild-caught daily fish beurre blanc. For dessert, treat yourself to a traditional Moroccan mint tea and a Napoleon—subtly sweet chantilly cream carefully layered between flakey puff pastry and topped with fresh seasonal fruit.

Located on 200 Main Street, Khloe Bistrot’s eclectic dining room is unmistakable from their floor-to-ceiling windows. Dinner is served Tuesday through Thursday from 5-10pm, and Friday through Sunday from 5-11pm. Brunch is served Sundays from 11:30am-3pm.

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