An interview with Chef Joaquin Gonzalez of New York Wing Factory

1. How long have you been the executive chef at New York Wing Factory?

Two years.


2. What made you decide to work in Fort Lee?

I love Manhattan so much and felt that Fort Lee would be the perfect place to infuse NYC culture into New Jersey.


3. Where do you get your culinary inspiration from?

My parents weren’t always home to cook for me so I began experimenting on my own and grew a giant passion for all types of cuisine.


4. How do you incorporate your Puerto Rican background into the menu at NYWF?

I use adobo seasoning for a large portion of our menu, i also enjoy incorporating local fresh produce into our menu as well.


5. Do you have a favorite ingredient that you like to cook with?

Garlic; it has explosive flavors so that would have to be my all time favorite ingredient.


6. What would you recommend as NYWF’s best dish?

We are New York Wing Factory! Of course our best dish are our wings!


7. What sets NYWF apart from other restaurants in Fort Lee?

We have the BEST beer, BEST food, and the BEST time!!


8. What do you want guests to take away from their experience at NYWF during Fort Lee Restaurant Week?

We want them to experience excellent hospitality, killer food, and our 24 beers on tap!


9. Describe NYWF’s cuisine in one word:



10. What is your favorite bite/brew combination on the menu?

I can never turn down one of our giant soft pretzels with a tall glass of ice cold radeberger pilsner beer.