Timeless Trends

Fort Lee Fashion Week Timeless Trends

Timeless trends are the foundation pieces in a wardrobe that everyone uses to build new looks. As iconic fashion pieces that have endured through numerous generations and phases of fashion, these items have embodied the very meaning of versatility. Past looks are always being redesigned, reinvented and recycled, but these wardrobe staples are able to adapt to ever-changing tastes and trends.

The Little Black Dress

This closet must-have is an essential item for every woman. Dress it up or dress it down, the “LBD” has infinite possibilities. You can pair it with flats for a casual daytime look, add a blazer for a corporate meeting or upgrade for a night out with strappy stilettos and a statement accessory. While the LBD has gone through numerous transformations over the decades, its dedication to effortless elegance has never diminished. The simplicity of the LBD is what makes it a timeless trend and one of the most recognizable fashion staples. That simplicity encourages the wearer of the dress to shine and make the LBD her own.

Gina Curko, owner and lead stylist of SeeSaw, names the “little black dress” as one of her favorite fashion pieces. The LBD evolves and improves every year according to Curko, due to upgrades in fabric technology. “Make the investment in the little black dress because it is worth every penny,” advises Curko. “Time and time again you will see that the little black dress will be your clutch dress for all occasions.”


Another leading timeless trend is denim. This multipurpose and multifunctional material has been used across decades to create a variety of different looks and pieces. From pants, shirts, and dresses to hats and even handbags, denim continues to find new styles and functionalities. Originally the material of the blue-collar worker, denim has evolved into one of the most versatile fabrics, embraced by some of the biggest designers in fashion. Since its introduction, this timeless trend has challenged and pushed many fashion boundaries.

Marisa Kochnover, a CycleBar spin instructor and athleisure wear enthusiast, is always looking for the newest looks but her favorite go-to piece is “high-end denim” due to its versatility.  “The right pair of jeans can seamlessly take you from day to night when paired with the right top and shoes,” says Kochnover. “My current favorite style is a rocking pair of high waisted, hip hugging Hudson flares. They look perfect with everything and can be worn almost anywhere!”

Whether you’re adding a bold statement of color or a touch of elegance, these foundational pieces can be built upon to create an endless array of new looks. The adaptability behind timeless trends expands your closet and style.

Breathe new life into your wardrobe and pick up a new timeless trend from any one of our boutiques and retailers in the district. Fort Lee Fashion Week (FLFW) will be held from May 7-12 with promotional offerings from over 50 businesses, including retail boutiques. View all the promotions here.

Fort Lee Fashion Week will also feature pop-up shops in Hudson Lights, master classes and a runway finale with a fashion show highlighting over 30 designers. A full event schedule for FLFW can be found here.

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