Rising Rewards are paper certificates distributed by the Fort Lee Business District Alliance (BDA) that can be Fort Lee Rising Rewardsearned through various promotional events and redeemed at eligible locations throughout the Fort Lee Business District. Rising Rewards are distributed in $10 increments and work similarly to non-store specific gift cards.


The Fort Lee BDA will advertise Rising Rewards events in print, digital, social media and on the website. The dates for earning Rising Rewards are also disclosed in our advertising and on

  • Rising Rewards can be earned during our various promotional events that run periodically.
  • Rising Rewards are earned on the purchase amount before tax is applied. Purchase amounts may vary per promotion event.


Bring your Rising Rewards certificates to any of the eligible locations listed under “Redemption Locations” below. Businesses accepting the certificates will also display a Rising Rewards decal on their storefront. Rising Rewards are not legal tender and are not redeemable for cash nor is change/cash given on unused balances.


Business Name Type Address
Cre8sart School Education Services 210 Main St
Mathnasium Education Services 246 Main St
Cycle Bar Fitness/Sports 2012 Hudson St
Fabulous Nails Health & Beauty 515 Main St
Hidy Hair Studio Health & Beauty 2033 Lemoine Ave
Juun Hair Health & Beauty 200 Main St
Opus Hair Salon Health & Beauty 2000 Bigler St
Peace & beauty Nail & Spa Health & Beauty 1619 Palisade Ave
Pink Vision Associates Health & Beauty 1462 Lemoine Ave
Salon G. Modeste Health & Beauty 175 Bridge Plaza North, 2nd Floor
Salon Sole Health & Beauty 1637 Palisade Ave
Serri Hair Salon Health & Beauty 166 Main St
Tina’s Nail Health & Beauty 170 Main St
Envision Eyecare Medical/Doctor/Dentist 215 Main St
Gallina Vision Center Medical/Doctor/Dentist 1619 Palisade Ave
Anthony Francos Restaurants & Food 2036 Hudson St
Bean n Bean Restaurants & Food 189 Main St
Baggios Pizzeria & Restaurant Restaurants & Food 212 Main St
Boom Boom Chicken Restaurants & Food 240 Main St
Daegu Chicken Restaurants & Food 553 Main St
Dumpling Den Restaurants & Food 249 Main St
Dunkin Donuts Restaurants & Food 2033 Lemoine Ave
Eggty 8 Cafe Restaurants & Food 140 Main St
Food For Life Restaurants & Food 1605 Lemoine Ave
Gateaux Bakery & Cafe Restaurants & Food 230 Main St
Geumhong World Restaurants & Food 547 Main St
Haha Don Katsu Restaurants & Food 1630 Lemoine Ave
It’s Greek to Me Restaurants & Food 1611 Palisade Ave
Ko Ryeo Grill Restaurants & Food 2045 Lemoine Ave
Main Street Marketplace/Mot Joen Catering Restaurants & Food 207 Main St
Medierranean Gourmet Restaurants & Food 490 Main St
Nova Pizza & Pasta Restaurants & Food 1605 Lemoine Ave
Original Presto’s Pizza Restaurants & Food 440 Main St
Parisienne Bakery Restaurants & Food 250 Main St
Picnic Restaurants & Food 239 Main St
Poonglim Korean BBQ Restaurants & Food 2053 Lemoine Ave
Previti Pizza & Papazzio Dining Restaurants & Food 1635 Main St
Prime & Beyond Restaurants & Food 501 Main St
Q Tea Tapas Restaurants & Food 242 Main St
Sa Rit Gol Restaurants & Food 166 Main St
T-Swirl Crepes Restaurants & Food 244 Main St
Americare Pharmacy Retail 511 Main St.
Bergen Care Pharmacy Retail 1625 Lemoine Ave.
Boutique Luxe Retail 200 Main St
Center Pharmacy Retail 251 Main St
Ezer Gift Shop Retail 1626 Palisade Ave
Fast Print LLC Retail 514 Main St
Frames of Mine Retail 100 Main St
Groomingdale Retail 205 Main St
Kiky Jewelers Retail 221 Main St
Kuun Retail 200 Main St
Mine Jewelry Retail 1637 Palisade Ave
Morado Retail 241 Main St
Olive Cosmetics Retail 1637 Palisade Ave
Primp & Play Retail 1543 Palisade Ave
See Saw Retail 2027 Hudson St
The Hanbok Retail 246 Main St
Torosian Bros Carpet/Capo Tile Retail 492 Main St
Violet’s Florist Retail 476 Main St
Dance With Me Dance Studio Travel/Entertainment 2029 Lemoine Ave


 Are you a business owner interested in participating in the Rising Rewards Program? Click below to download the simple sign-up form or fill out the form online.

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